Articles, Tips and Tricks

They say that fishermen (and women) love to talk, but some seem to quieten down when the topic of their successful tactics comes up.

Not so at the L.L.A.I.A. Some of the most experienced and respected of our members have volunteered to share a little of their knowledge on their chosen area of expertise. So, if you always wanted to know the perfect speed to troll a Toby, but were afraid to ask, this is the section for you.

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Dapping on Loch Lomond.
Angus MacRitchie writes on the art of dapping for Sea Trout amongst the islands of the Big Loch.

Dapping: September 2007.
A follow up to the dapping article above covers a very successful day out when dapping on Loch Lomond in September 2007.
Trolling Loch Lomond.
Right from the first day of the season in February to the last day in October, Salmon and Sea Trout can be caught on the troll - Jim Muir explains how.