Lomond System News – 27.06.2017

June 27th, 2017

River Leven

The Loch level has now dropped back and the barrage gates closed yesterday reducing the river flow to summer level. However we are almost into July which is not noted for being the driest month on the calendar……

Nevertheless some good sized summer salmon coming through and grilse starting to make an appearance.

17 June, Robert Baxter (10.5lbs) Top Pool, worm.

24 June, Grant McIntyre (8lbs) tail of Linnbrane Hole on the fly. – fish was carefully returned.

Other catches: 16 June, Stephen Gilfeather (15lbs) Hole in the Wall, flying-c. Andy McElwee (10lbs) Top Pool, worm – rtnd 17 June, Alec McElwee (13lbs) Top Pool, worm – rtnd. 19 June, Neil Baxter (14lbs) Top Pool, worm. 21 June, Derek McKenzie (20lbs) Top Pool, worm. 23 June, James Duffy (5lbs) McKinnons on the fly.

Loch Lomond

After a spell of good sport on the Loch the run has now dispersed to the usual lies around the banks and islands. The weather hasn’t helped much with strong winds making it almost impossible for anglers to get afloat.

17 June, Ritchie Millar reports from his latest ferox hunt..

‘Caught this Ferox fishing the Loch on the downrigger 27ft down on a Savage Gear lure. It weighed 8lb 3oz.  I put fish into the tank so they’re hardly out the water and swim away strong when released’  ‘Also released a sea-trout around 3lb that day lost 2 good trout.’  ‘I’m intrigued too know the largest trout that’s came out Lomond. I heard 19lb.’ ……Anyone Know?

16 June, Donald McKellar catches an action shot of Bob Forshaw playing a good fish….

…….his first this season…14lbs.

24 June, a very windy Saturday on the Loch but it paid off for Scott Sinclair. Approx (10lbs) taken just north of the Rowardennan Youth Hostel and starting to colour. A quick trophy photo and returned safely.

Other catches: 14 June, Dick Dickson (12lbs) South of Manse Bay.

Good sized summer salmon now making there way into the Loch along with some grilse. Just a matter of getting out there on the hunt….


Marine Scotland Armadale Tracking Project.

Tags Wanted – Reward

Marine Scotland is tracking salmon from July 2017 and would like your help.

If you catch a salmon with a tag (as shown in the attached photograph) near the dorsal fin, then please remove it by cutting through the plastic cord to remove the acoustic tag (black cylinder). Please note that the colour of the cord may vary from yellow.

Please send the acoustic tag, also with a note of day and location of capture, to:

Armadale Tracking,

Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory,



PH16 5LB

Please enclose your name, postal and email (if applicable) address and we will send you £20 in reward.

If you have any other information about the fish (eg a photo, length, sex) then please include it when you send in the tag. However, please do not delay the safe return of the fish to the water to obtain any such information.


With thanks

Armadale Tracking Team.



Email Reports at : reports@lochlomondangling.com




Lomond System News – 14.06.2017

June 14th, 2017

River Leven

Summer has definitely arrived and thankfully with it the rain….  Last week saw a few fish caught and this week kicked off with one of the best days for a long time. On Monday at least 12 and perhaps as many as 17 salmon were landed. As usual the information about ‘who caught what and where’ is a bit sketchy…but most catches were made at the top of the river from the Bonhill Pool upwards.

12 June, Peter Wormald (10lbs) Bonhill Pool on a Cascade.

13 June, Colin Smith (14lbs) Bonhill Pool on a conehead.

13 June, Ross Macleod (8lbs) McKinnons on the fly.

Other catches: 12 June, Jim McFarlane (14lbs) Top Pool, flying-c.  Alec McElwee (13lbs) Top Pool, worm. Alec McElwee 15lbs) Stuckie Bridge, worm – returned. Tam McBride (16lbs) Top Pool, worm. Duncan O’Neill  (11lbs) Chapel Hole, worm. 13 June, Stephen Gilfeather (11lbs) Top Pool, worm – returned. 14 June, Chic McLean (14lbs) Ritchies Lade on the fly – returned.

Also good to hear that fresh run sea trout are about. On 7 June,  Dick Dickson landed 5 sea liced trout all weighing between 1.5 lbs- 2.5lbs. 10 June, Craig Carr reports landing a fresh 3lbs sea trout at the Craft Stream.

Loch Lomond

Loch anglers continue to enjoy good sport. The main run seems to have moved off the Endrick Bank with catches made at Sallochy, Caraig Rock and around the islands. A few anglers have ventured up the top end of the Loch but  no catches reported north of Pilot Bank. Over the past few years the runs have tended to stay in the southern basin with very few fish found in the upper reaches. Some anglers have now changed over to tobies on a faster troll while others are having success on rapalas at a slower pace.

9 June, Frank Caldwell with his second salmon (12lbs) of the season.

13 June, Alex Bowie with his second fish (11lbs) of the season caught at Caraig Rock.

14 June, Donald Brown’s furry companions guard his first salmon (11lbs) off the Loch this year, taken off Little Ireland.

Other catches: 1 June, Frank Caldwell (13lbs) at Sallochy. 5 June, Russell Boyd (12lbs). 6 June, Alex Bowie (9lbs). 7 June, Donald Brown (6lbs) sea trout. 10 June, Scott Sinclair (5lbs)  – returned. Alan Dorrian (14lbs). Billy Marsland (10lbs). 14 June, Billy Quinn (12lbs).

River Leven Clean Up Weekend.

Please note that due to high water the River Leven ‘clean up’ scheduled for this weekend 17/18 June has been postponed. It was hoped that the gates would close to allow a clean of the river bed. However,  Scottish Water reported today that the Loch level is still too high and unlikely to drop sufficiently over the next couple of days to allow closure of the barrage. When is the best time to hold a river clean up? Ideally at the start of the season but West Dumbartonshire Council have previously objected due to potential disturbance of ground nesting birds. Over the past five years clean up months have varied. April, May, June, August and September have all featured but we have to consider a period with a dry spell/low rainfall and timely notice for volunteers. We thought we had that…. back to the drawing board and hopefully soon…..




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Lomond System News – 05.06.2017

June 5th, 2017

River Leven

Now into June and our agreement with Scottish Water to provide weekend height during the week ends. Unless we have a fair bit of rain and the Loch level increases dramatically we’ll soon be at summer low except with the weekend freshet. Nevertheless, plenty of good salmon still coming through daily. Our regulars know that even when the river’s on it’s bones’ fish will still run and the pools are always worth a try. The past couple of weeks has provided some good sport…

Always good to hear of new members catching their first salmon on the Leven…something they’ll never forget. Even better when it’s quickly followed by their second…..

That’s exactly how new member Craig McKerry’s season has started off. 20 May, Craig has his first salmon (11lbs) at the Piles on the worm and on 27 May he had his second at the same spot  (9lbs) pictured above being returned. Good stuff Craig!

22 May, Chic McLean’s canine companions watch with interest as he returns his latest catch (13lbs) at Pike Hole. He followed it the same day with another salmon (10lbs) at the Apple Tree, also released. Both fish took the worm.

16 May, Tom Black with an unusual catch at the Stuckie Bridge. A blue trout took his Munro Killer tube fly. Rainbows and blues turn up on the system from time to time, more than likely having escaped from the Carman Dam above Renton.

Other Catches: 16 May, Stuart McCallum (15lbs), Alun Price (13lbs).29 May, Willie Little (14lbs) Top Pool on the worm. 2 June, Graham Dunsmore (11lbs) Bonhill Pool on a golden shrimp fly.

Loch Lomond

May started off rather slowly on the Loch and some anglers were getting rather concerned that our spring run wasn’t going to arrive. However we knew that there had been plenty of salmon running the River Leven and only a matter of time before boat anglers lures started to find them. From mid May things have started to pick up with some lucky anglers now landing two fish in one day. June should continue in the same vein and then we’ll await the arrival of the summer grilse.

Fresh fish are already moving up the Loch. 17 May, Billy Smart went out for a last hour and landed a fine, very fresh cock fish (20lbs) at Pilot Bay on a black and gold rapala. We can be sure it didn’t head up there on its own.

20 May, Derek Ranachan (above)continues his successful season with a fresh salmon (10lbs) off the north side of Inchmurrin. Earlier in the year he landed and returned a (19lbs) fish. on 29 May, he returned a smaller (4lbs) grilse sized fish caught off Balmaha which looked a bit on the thin side.

2 June, Loch regular Rab Strachan seen playing a salmon (13lbs) on the Endrick Bank which he successfully landed. It’s believed he went on to land a second fish about the same size.

3 June,  Scott Sinclair always wondered what it would be like to hook into a salmon at the yacht club at Milarochy. He found out on Saturday but managed to steer this fresh fish (13lbs) away from the boats and into his net.

Other Catches: 15 May, Scott Pryce (11lbs). 16 May Scott Pryce (11lbs) – rtnd. 21 May, Denis O’Hare (13lbs). 22 May, Alastair Mair (13lbs). 23 May, Allan Coll (13lbs). 31 May, Danny Docherty (12lbs) and (15lbs) – rtnd. Peter Lyons (13lbs.)  1 June, Brian Follett (11lbs), Eric Donnachie (14lbs) and (10lbs). 2 June, Danny Docherty (10lbs). 5 June, Duncan Ferguson (11lbs).

31 May, Balmaha angler James McGrandle with a right good bend in his rod…..

………in the net a 6lb bream which had taken his toby.

20 May, Colin Ferguson on the Bank trying to catch a rainbow on the fly….never succeeded of course.

30 May, a couple of John Bell’s guests enjoy a day out on the dap.

A seasonal Mayfly.  For some reason you’ll still see them about on the Loch at the end of July. Never seen any of our trout show interest in them though.

Submitting Reports.

Always on the lookout for reports to keep our members updated. Anything of interest is always welcome. If submitting photographs of fish which have been dispatched please ensure that the ‘tag’ is clearly showing. Part of the Local Conservation Plan with regards to our Category 2 status agreed with Marine Scotland, was that fish killed would be limited to three and tags issued which must be fixed through the gill as soon as possible. We are aware through conversations with Marine Scotland staff that websites are visited regularly to see what’s happening around the systems. We don’t wish photos of fish without tags being flagged up to us, doubt cast on our conservation plan, then back to Cat 3 again. Anglers are also reminded that only one fish kill per day is permitted. Tags may not be very popular with anglers but a bit of plastic might make the difference.

River Leven Clean Up

The clean up will take place over the weekend 17/18th June meeting at Bonhill Bridge at 0930 each day. Starting at the top end and moving down river. Refreshments and gloves will be provided. All volunteers, anglers and friends most welcome. See you there…


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Lomond System News – 14.05.2017

May 14th, 2017

River Leven

A steady run of springers coming through despite the drought.

11 May, Craig Williamson sent his report…

‘Not long home after great couple hours down the Leven. Arrived at the river at 7.30 just in time for the bright sunlight starting to fade and at 8.10 connected with a springer at the Piles. Fish landed and after few pictures taken by a passing cyclist the fish was returned to the river safely. Would guess it to be around 12lb??
New member and new to fishing the double hander so absolutely over the moon with my first salmon off the Leven.’

Well done Craig…a fish you’ll always remember and first of many we hope!

12 May, Frank McGeachie (10lbs) at the Stuckie Bridge, flying -c.

13 May, wasn’t an unlucky day for Grant McIntyre (10lbs) at the Double Pipes on a cascade fly. After some great sport his catch was carefully returned.

Loch Lomond

One of the many moods of Loch Lomond….. Saturday 13 May was a grey, dreich day with continual rain but it didn’t dampen the spirits of Loch anglers. The bailiffs reported at least twenty boats out on the Loch. Some anglers were no doubt aware of the second confirmed spring salmon (13lbs) from the Loch caught on Thursday 11 May by Voldac angler John Connolly at the north end of Auchentullich Bay. One boat did have success. Stephen Gilfeather landed his first fish of the season (13lbs) at the Stables, one of the well known marks we expect to find fish at this time of year.

If reports seem a bit scarce over the next fortnight it doesn’t mean that nothings happening…it means the regular web reporter’s on an extended fishing break. Keep your updates coming and I’ll catch up soon as I get back.



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Lomond System News – 10.05.2017

May 10th, 2017

River Leven.

A steady stream of spring fish moving up river into the Loch. Most of the fish reported have been caught by anglers worming at the Top Pool.

5 May, Adam Sandilands (15lbs) Stuckie Bridge on an Ally’s Shrimp fly. 6May, Stuart McMillan (11lbs) Top Pool, worm. 8 May, Andy McIlwee (14lbs) Top Pool, worm. 9 May, Jim McFarlane (14lbs) Top Pool, worm, Alex Doey (15lbs) Top Pool, worm.

River still siting at weekend height which allows reasonable fishing conditions. Rain forecast for next week but will it be enough to make a difference….?

Thanks to Jack Ferguson for his continuing River conditions updates.

Loch Lomond.

With the recent bright, sunny conditions things have been a bit slow on the Loch but the weather is about to change and so should the fortunes of Loch boatmen. Last week Danny Docherty lost a good fish at Milarrochy Bay and Davie King had a brief encounter up near Inversnaid. Eric Donaghey landed and returned a nice sea trout (10lbs) and John Connolly also had a sea trout (6lbs). Plenty of fresh fish seen going through into the Loch so things should start to liven up anytime.



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Lomond System News – 04.05. 2017

May 4th, 2017

River Leven.

1st May, holiday Monday, saw another couple of springers landed on the Leven.

Angus Soutter reports catching this bar of silver (11/12lb) at Sandy Hole on the fly. His first of the season which was released back to the River.

Derek Hughes had a second spring salmon (8lbs) at the Top Pool on the worm which was also released.

Not many anglers on the banks this week probably due to the bright conditions. No signs of any rain in the forecast yet…..

Leven Rep.

The new River Leven Rep Stuart McCallum can be contacted at the following email address: Leven@lochlomondangling.com

Catch Return Boxes.

As part of the committee’s commitment to ensure an accurate record of catches, returns boxes have been sited at the riverside outside the Vale of Leven District Angling Club and within O’Brien’s shop adjacent to Bonhill Bridge.

The LLAIA is required to submit a return of all salmon and sea trout caught on the system to Marine Scotland by 31 December each year. The future Conservation Categorisation of the Lomond System depends on these figures. Day/weekly game ticket anglers are requested to submit their returns, including blank days, either directly to the Association or by posting in these boxes. All returns received will be entered in a draw for a River Leven season ticket for 2018. A similar incentive is being introduced for  Full Members and Leven Season Ticket holders.

Loch Lomond.

I mentioned in the last report that there’s always some big sea trout in the Loch at the start of the season….

2nd May, Balmaha regular Angus MacRitchie set out round the island drifts in sunny conditions with an east wind. Just past the Ladies Point of Inchcruin he hooked into something which he knew right away was big. After a 30 minute fight this fine specimen of a  sea trout came to the net. Estimated at 14lbs it was photographed and returned to the Loch. A size 12 double pearly invicta on the tail had done the trick. Great stuff Angus! Full report on the Balmaha Anglers Website.

3 May, Not a cloud in the sky. Gerd Elsweiler reported two sea trout about the 3.5lb mark on the troll at the mouth of the Endrick.

Great weather for a sail….

Renewal of Membership

Just to remind those members who are still to renew their membership for this season. The LLAIA constitution states:

‘Any member who has failed to pay his annual subscription by the 1st day in March in any year shall be held in arrears, and any member still in arrears by the 1st day in June in any year shall cease to be a member but shall, notwithstanding, be liable for all arrears. Members subscriptions for any season must be paid before they fish.’

Memberships can be renewed by sending in your fee and completed form to the Treasurer, LLAIA, 5 Woodside Place, Glasgow G3 7QF or using PayPal – see LLAIA Membership on our home page. A completed form is still required.



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Lomond System News – 01.05.2017.

May 1st, 2017

River Leven

Now into May and things are beginning to hot up….. you wouldn’t think it right enough….

Derek Hughes got his season off to a start early this morning with a fresh (12lbs) springer at the Top Pool on the worm. It was netted by Alec Doey, whom he thanks, and then released.

Later on, day ticket angler Derek McInnes landed this fine spring salmon (10lbs) also at the Top Pool on the worm. A quick photo and it too was released.

Worming is allowed from 1st May on the River Leven and while anglers must use circle hooks during May, we would encourage their general use. Anglers are reminded that under LLAIA Bye Laws they must not fish upstream from 100yards below the Barrage and must remain and cast from downstream of the yellow marker.

Loch Lomond

Public holiday weekends always produce fish on the Lomond system and it’s one that Derek Rannachan won’t forget in a hurry…..

Derek reports….

‘I launched at Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway and motored over to my usual starting spot at Pasty’s stane. I had just put my lures out and within 2min my outside rod went. By the take I realised it was a pike but a good sized one. Fifteen seconds later my inside rod went and there was no doubt it was a salmon that was on this time.The wind was blowing north towards Inchmurrin and I was struggling to reel in both rods and line was getting pulled out rapidly. I decided to deal with the rod that had  the pike first. The wind was strong and pushing me out to deep water and after about 15 mins landed the pike.

I picked up the salmon rod once again and realised this was a big yin!, I was now drifting past the boat house still in a strong wind with this fish fighting hard. After seeing it for the first time I knew that I could do with some assistance . A few swear words did leave my mouth as I saw its back and tail on the surface and down it went once again. Forty five minutes had now passed and I thought to myself  ‘don’t loose it, Derek take your time don’t blow it’… like I did 14yrs ago with a cock salmon I reckoned was over 30lbs.. lost at the net.

I spotted a boat heading towards the boathouse and waved frantically at him. The chap was with his young son. He got his lines in and came over to me, tying the boats together. By now the fish was to the side of his boat so I jumped aboard, brought it to the surface and he netted it with ease. I could not believe how deep this salmon was and very much a typical Lomond springer. He commented on the sea lice attached to the fish however I was more interested in getting pictures of my trophy fish. It weighed at 19lbs, was quickly photographed and released. For the record it was hooked at 10.20am and landed an hour later near the old girl guide hut, approximately one mile from where it was first hooked. I was buzzing with excitement all day as this was my heaviest landed salmon in 23 years fishing this big water’

Sounds like a fair old tussle Derek….and the first off the Loch this season…a lovely fish, well done!!

While Derek was acting out ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, Scott Sinclair was discovering where Loch Lomond’s sea trout have been hiding………


Early in the day Scott landed a (4.5lb) sea trout on the troll off the east side of Inchmurrin and later came across this (5lb) specimen off Boturich. Both fish were carefully returned. There are always some good sized sea trout caught in the earlier part of the season….before they head back down to the Estuary to feed again.

New member Arthur Martin tried fishing Lomond and used one of the great features of the full membership by bringing his son, as family members can fish on a full member’s permit as long as the parent or guardian is in attendance.
Although no salmon were caught, Arthur’s son, Robbie, had some great sport with pike, and this is just the sort of encouragement that young anglers need to become the next generation of LLAIA members”

Good news indeed that there’s a fish off the Loch. May can be a good month as the spring salmon make their way in from the River Leven.The bottom end off Balloch Park where Derek caught his fish, Boturich/ Claddich shorelines and the Endrick Bank all feature in early catches on the Loch. What we do need is a week of heavy rain to get things freshened up and encourage more fish into the system….. definitely time to get out there though…



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Lomond System News – 27.04.2017

April 27th, 2017

River Leven.

Recent reports of fresh fish moving in the upper  parts of the river were confirmed today….

……..Chic McLean landed his second salmon of the season (13lbs) at Ritchie’s Lade on a black flying- c.

Our bailiff managed a couple of photos as Chic returned the silvery springer to the river. Well done Chic!

With lack of rain to raise the Loch height, the river level remains at the agreed ‘weekend height’. Not perhaps the best fishing conditions but absolutely no doubt that there are fish running. The bailiffs report that there were only three other anglers on the banks today so it’s hardly surprising there’s a lack of catches. Time for the Renton Raindance……




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Lomond System News – 24.04.2017.

April 24th, 2017

River Leven.

Still very cold on the river with north winds and the possibility of snow forecast this week. Not many anglers on the banks and even less reports of catches.

18 April, Ricky Gill landed a nice (9lbs) springer at McKinnons on a flying-c which was quickly returned. Photograph still awaited. No other reports.

Stuart McCallum has put himself forward to represent the Leven anglers on the LLAIA committee. Stuart has fished the river for a good number of years and hopes to help safeguard and improve fishings. We wish him every success in this post. A dedicated mail address will be set up for Stuart but he can be contacted meantime by email through web@lochlomondangling.com.

River Leven  Barrage Operation.

Last year the LLAIA committee met with Scottish Water and Scottish Natural Heritage to agree a new water level management plan. There has been some doubt among our anglers as to what the river level should be and when. River Leven Barrage Control rules are as follows


IF Loch below 23ft

Uncontrolled flow.


IF Loch between 23ft and 24ft

Plate 4 with Plate 2 freshets.

3 – 1st April to 1st June

IF loch between 24ft and  26ft

Plate 2 with no weekend freshet

4 – 1st Jun to 16th August (as requested by LLAIA)

IF loch between 24ft and 26ft

Plate 4 with Plate 2 weekend freshets.

5 – Between 16th August and 1st of 1st April

IF loch above 25ft

Uncontrolled Flow

IF loch between 24ft and 25ft

Plate 2, no weekend freshet.

6 – Between 1st April and 16th August

IF loch above 26ft

Uncontrolled flow

Loch Lomond.

We still await the first confirmed spring salmon to be landed on the Loch. Last weekend Euan McGrandle lost a good fish in Net Bay and a Balloch boat reported losing a fish about 13lbs so there are certainly fish about. Unfortunately the recent cold, strong north west winds have made going afloat a rather unpleasant experience.

18 April, Colin McCrory and Angus MacRitchie set out on a tour of the island drifts for an early sea trout on the fly. Conditions were good but it seems there were few fish about. However, Colin managed this fresh looking sea trout at the front of the Crin……..

….while Angus landed this 1.5lb brownie at the Ladies Point after losing a bigger fish.

Almost into May and the first Bank holiday. We all know that public holidays always produce fish on the Lomond System……



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Lomond System News – 13.04.2017.

April 13th, 2017

River Leven.

Great news from the Leven! Yesterday Chic McLean got his season off to a tremendous start with a 22lbs fresh, sea liced spring salmon. Chic was fishing at Ritchies Lade in the early afternoon when he lost a big fish. Shortly afterwards he got into another  and when he eventually managed to land it reckoned it was about 22/23lbs. It was safely returned. Unfortunately Chic’s photo taken on his mobile wasn’t very good quality. Well done Chic!….but time for a new camera maybe.

On Monday, with the Loch level dropping back,  Scottish Water raised the barrage to weekend height, but this should still make for reasonable fishing conditions. With the news of Chic’s fish we expect Easter weekend may be busier than usual.  All anglers are reminded that any salmon caught before 1 May must be safely returned. Day tickets are available at our usual Permit Retailers.

We’d like to remind anglers that they should take all their litter away with them, particularly discarded monofilament line which can be particularly hazardous to wildlife.

Loch Lomond.

Strong cold, strong blustery winds during the week kept boats on their moorings but these should moderate over the weekend. With the news of big spring fish moving up the Leven we expect a few will be out on the Endrick Bank and Boturich shorelines. Balmaha angler John Bell reports a brief encounter with a good fish near Stewart’s Hole on the Bank at the end of last week, which is hardly surprising since it it’s three weeks since the first spring salmon was landed on the Leven and it won’t have arrived alone. Just a matter of wrapping up well and getting out there…

Wildlife Crime.

Last Saturday several of our members witnessed a sickening sight in Balmaha Bay. A mallard duck with an arrow sticking out of its back. The sight of it is so pitiful that we prefer not to post the photo.

Our secretary contacted Police Scotland Wildlife Crime officers and forwarded the report and photograph.  We have since  learned that on Saturday morning the police attended a report of a female wearing camouflage clothing carrying a long bow and arrows having been seen in the Balmaha area. However they could find no trace. Acting on our report the RSPCA have now attended Balmaha, located the injured duck and humanely despatched it. We believe that this isn’t an isolated incident. Last season anglers lunching on Inchlonaig found a similar arrow on the shoreline. It is requested that anyone with information or further sightings of the suspect should contact Police Scotland on 101.




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