LLAIA/LLFT Relationship – The Current Situation.

June 18th, 2017

Over the past few days various posts have appeared on social media and web sites about a ‘break down’ in the relationship between the Loch Lomond Angling Association and the Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust. We would now like to dispel these rumours. Following the LLAIA AGM in February the LLAIA Chairman, contacted LLFT Chairman Mr Eddie Edmonstone, several times by email and letter in an attempt to discuss future partnership working and strategy. Mr Edmonstone was also invited to attend the Scottish Bailiffing Conference, hosted in Dumbarton in March by the LLAIA,  to arrange for a presentation by the LLFT. Neither of these letters or emails were acknowledged.

The LLAIA secretary also contacted the LLFT secretary Mr Mark Hedgecoe intimating the LLAIA’s willingness to work with the LLFT, offering support and volunteers to assist. This dialogue was also fruitless. We were eventually informed that a meeting of LLFT trustees would be held in May . We pointed out that there had still been no discussion between the LLAIA and LLFT and requested that a LLAIA representative attend this meeting. Again we were ignored.

Following this meeting we received communication from the LLFT that it had been decided to terminate the LLAIA membership. We were given no specific reasons for this.

The committee has now passed our communication trail and LLFT Articles of Association to the LLAIA solicitors for advice. It should be borne in mind that the LLAIA were founder members of the LLFT along with the riparian owners. Since the committee was appointed in February there has been no change in policy towards the LLFT and we have expressed that we are more than willing to work with them for the good of the Lomond system.   However, we have not been afforded the opportunity to discuss anything whatsoever..why?… we ask ourselves.

Contact has been made with Fisheries Management Scotland, the umbrella body for Fishery Trusts and District Salmon Fishery Boards and also Marine Scotland (Salmon and Recreational Fisheries Department). Both bodies are aware of our position. Although the LLAIA is not a salmon fishery board FMS have indicated that they may be able assist in any mediation.

There are various options open to us and once we hear from the LLAIA solicitors will decide which course to take. In the meantime we request that this topic is not discussed on social media or websites. Uninformed chatter is not helpful and can be damaging to our reputation.



LLAIA Committee.

River Leven Clean Up Cancellation

June 14th, 2017

Scottish Water informed us today that due to the high level of the Loch they will be unable to close the barrage this weekend – 17/18th June – to allow for a clean up of the river. It hjas been decided to cancel the clean up meantime and we’ll monitor weather forecasts to identify another possible date which will be posted in due course. In the past we’ve held clean ups in May, June, August and September but it’s hard to predict future rainfall and give volunteers enough notice. Early season would be ideal, however  we are limited by possible disturbance to ground nesting birds. The bailiffs will continue to monitor river access points for anglers.


LLAIA Committee.

Committee Update – 14.05.2017

May 14th, 2017

Catch Returns

We are sure that all our members, and associate members must be well aware by now of the importance of catch returns. For the past two years the Scottish Government determined the Conservation Category Status purely on these returns. How Marine Scotland can accurately assess the health of a system purely by catch returns is beyond comprehension. There have been indications that additional information such as juvenile density surveys will be used in future…..along with catch returns!

So the more fish that are caught on a river, the healthier it is deemed to be. We know that there is no shortage of salmon on the Lomond System, but we need our anglers to assist in proving this by submitting their returns timeously. The LLAIA is required by law to file a return with Marine Scotland by 31 December each year. Basically after the season ends we have two months to complete this task.

This subject was discussed openly at the AGM and the committee agreed that it would be one of the main topics to be addressed. We have had much discussion on how the objectives can best be met and decided that to take punitive measures against defaulters in the first instance, is counter productive. While we don’t want to penalise our anglers it may at some future time become necessary. We hope not. In the meantime we have looked at ways to collect day/weekly ticket returns. As a result two collection ‘letter boxes’ have been sited on the River  Leven.  No. 1 on the riverside opposite the Vale of Leven District Angling Club and No. 2 within O’Briens shop adjacent to Bonhill Bridge. Collected returns will be drawn for a Leven season ticket for next year. Similar draws will be made for full and associate members. These boxes could also be used by Leven ticket holders to submit at he end of season

A tighter administration process to identify and ‘remind’ those who are late in submission is being devised. The online catch return system has proved to be popular but had its flaws. Members were unsure if their return had been made as there was no electronic receipt. An upgrade of this system is ‘work in progress’  Hopefully these improvements will help to ensure that we are returning the maximum fish caught on the system….but it’s up to our anglers.  We will continue to send out the paper return forms along with the autumn ‘Lennox Angler’. We certainly don’t want to go back down the road of Cat 3 again…..


Assessment of Categorisation for Season 2018

In a recent communication Marine Scotland state that they intend to refine the methodology behind the conservation status and to this end are working with the Technical Working Groups which are taking forward exploitation rates, grilse error, electrofishing data, fish counters and radio/accoustic telemetry.

They went on to remind us of the importance of reliable catch data…..

MS state that they are working to complete the assessment of conservation status and aim to consult with stakeholders on the provisional categories during the month of July. Since they have not announced what other data will be taken into account it would be fair to assume that Season 2018 Conseration Category Status will once again be determined by catch returns…….  For further details open the attached link.

Marine Scotland Update


River Leven Clean Up Weekend

A clean up of the River Leven is likely to take place during early or mid June. This will of course be water level and weather dependent but if the current lack of rain continues there should be no problems. All members, associate members, ticket holders……everyone in fact…. is invited to take part in this event. Every year rubbish and debris of all descriptions is removed from the Leven, making it a more pleasant place for the public and anglers. An announcement will be made very shortly to confirm date and arrangements.



The committee is mindful that although many anglers prefer the solitude of a few hours peaceful fishing there are some who enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie of a competition. We are now in the planning phase of a fly fishing competition to be held on Loch Lomond which will interest many followers of the gentle art. This will take place in September and the registration process will be announced in due course.

Last year our coarse rep organised a perch fishing competition on the Loch which proved to be very successful. This event will be held again this year.

Loch Lomond has always attracted pike anglers. More recently it has become a mecca for anglers who enjoy fly fishing for pike, so it has been decided to organise a competition. This year specimens of Esox Lucius in the 30 – 40 lbs class were landed by anglers using conventional tackle…so the thought of hooking into one on a fly rod must be a real draw for pike fishers.

Details of both of these events will be published on the website when finalised.


Contact Us

If anyone would like to contact the committee with suggestions on how your fishing experience can be improved or on any other matter please don’t hesitate contact the Chairman or Secretary by email at: chairman@lochlomondangling.com                                                                                                                                                 secretary@lochlomondangling.com

For further information  See Contacts on our home page.


LLAIA Committee.






Committee Update – 24.04.2017

April 24th, 2017

Membership and Marketing.

At the AGM the committee announced that marketing the LLAIA would be one of our main priorities. We are mindful that in order to attract anglers and potential members we need to advertise ‘who we are’ and’ what we have to offer.’

We have produced tri-fold flyers promoting game fishing on our system which so far have been distributed to over fifty tackle shops, permit outlets, Visit Scotland offices, hotels and other likely places where they’ll come to angling public and visitors attention. A similar leaflet promoting coarse fishing is under development. Additional point of sale material for our permit outlets is being developed and will follow shortly.

New Members.

The committee are very pleased to announce that so far this season the LLAIA has attracted 38 new and returning members.  The majority of these members signed up during our re/joining fee waiver period which continues until 30 April. If you’re already thinking about joining, act quickly and you can save the £25 joining fee. We wish all our new members ‘Tight Lines’ for season 2017.

Visit Scotland.

As part of our marketing strategy we have taken advantage of the free listing on Visit Scotland’s extranet. This will help ensure that our profile and website can be viewed nationally and internationally attracting anglers from near and far.

We will be updating our gallery regularly and on the lookout for  good photographs to post. Our listing can be visited by clicking on the following link.


We’ll follow this up next year by including an advert in Visit Scotland’s quality publication ‘Fish in Scotland’ Unfortunately this years booklet has already been produced.

Scottish Fly Fair.

Scottish Fly Fair 2018 will be held at the Stirling Court Hotel, Stirling between 10th/11th March 2018.

‘Scotland is full to the brim with outstanding fly fishing, some of the best fly tyers and casters, in the world.
Close to some of the most famous fly fishing water and with a host of the best tackle and fly tying brands, fishing outfitters, demonstrations, tuition, and bringing together some of the best fly dressers, fly casters and angling celebrities all in one fantastic venue in the fishing heart of Scotland.
Join us at The Scottish Fly Fair and discover a world of fly fishing possibilities’

The committee see this as an excellent opportunity to promote the Association and have booked a stand at this two day festival. We’ve plenty of time to plan our contribution so if you’re interested and would like to help please contact the secretary at secretary@lochlomondangling.com

This is probably the first time that the LLAIA has embarked on a marketing project like this and we’ve a long way to go. Any ideas or suggestions which would assist would be most welcome. Please contact the chairman at chairman@lochlomondangling.com

River Leven Barrage.

Last year the LLAIA met with Scottish Water and Scottish Natural Heritage to agree a new plan for managing water levels on the River Leven. It had been noted by our bailiffs and members that the way in which Scottish Water were managing the flows was causing juvenile fish strandings. These incidences were investigated and a new plan was drawn up to give ‘bank to bank’  height until the end of May annually ensuring that this wouldn’t happen in future.

There has been some doubt among our anglers as to what the agreed levels should be and when.

The new rules are as follows:


IF Loch below 23ft

Uncontrolled flow.


IF Loch between 23ft and 24ft

Plate 4 with Plate 2 freshets.

3 – 1st April to 1st June

IF loch between 24ft and  26ft

Plate 2 with no weekend freshet

4 – 1st Jun to 16th August (as requested by LLAIA)

IF loch between 24ft and 26ft

Plate 4 with Plate 2 weekend freshets.

5 – Between 16th August and 1st of 1st April

IF loch above 25ft

Uncontrolled Flow

IF loch between 24ft and 25ft

Plate 2, no weekend freshet.

6 – Between 1st April and 16th August

IF loch above 26ft

Uncontrolled flow

We contacted Scottish Water recently to express our concern at the rate at which the gates had been closed causing the river level to fall too quickly. They have assured us that this will be brought to the attention of their operators.

River Leven Committee Rep.

Following our recent request for a regular River Leven angler to join the committee we are pleased to announce that Mr Stuart McCallum has come forward and been co opted as River Leven representative. Stuart has fished the Leven for a good number of years and states that he hopes to help safeguard and improve fishing on the river. We wish him every success in this post. A dedicated mail address will be set up for Stuart but he can be contacted meantime by email at web@lochlomondangling.com


LLAIA Committee.




Scottish Water Bailiff Conference 2017.

March 20th, 2017

On the 7th and 8th March the L.L.A.I.A hosted  the 2017 Scottish Water Bailiff Conference which took place at the Abbotsford Hotel in Dumbarton.

At the beginning of 2017 the LLAIA Committee was tasked with organising the two day event, the venue and more importantly the speakers and field trips.

This is the first time that the annual water bailiff conference has been held outside the forty one District Salmon Fishery Board and is regarded as a major endorsement of the LLAIA by the numerous Scottish Fishing Organisations, Government and Institute of Fisheries Management on how over the past few years the activities of the Association have been seen to be putting best practice and unique actions into operation influencing bailiffing in other fishery areas.

Although there is a lot of planning involved in arranging a conference like this, there was no cost to the LLAIA. The venues, buses, meals etc are all paid by Fisheries Management Scotland and the Institute of Fisheries Management. On the first day there were just over seventy delegates in attendance, the majority of whom were water bailiffs from throughout Scotland including our own team. Representatives from Police Scotland, MOD Police, FMS, IFM and SEPA also attended.

The conference was opened and a welcome extended to all in attendance by Geoffrey Fitzjohn, a Director of Luss Estates one of the main Riparian owners of the Lomond catchment, and endorsed the historical association between the LLAIA and Luss Estates.

The Police Scotland’s Chief Constable Phil Gormley gave an address on the working relationships between the Police and Water Bailiffs and discussed items of mutual importance and wild life crime in general. He thanked the many volunteer bailiffs for their commitment and dedication in countering poaching. This was the first time a Chief Constable has attended a conference and was a boost for Scottish bailiffing. It was also a major coup for the Association.

The LLAIA Secretary Gareth Bourhill gave a presentation on the history of the Association, a description of our catchment and historical and current issues with regards to the poaching activities we encounter.

The Ministry of Defence Police explained the importance of partnership working with the LLAIA bailiffs. Some areas of our catchment come into their patrol zone so there is common interest.

Scottish Government officials gave an update on the Wild Fisheries Review and how it may affect bailiffing in future

Generally it was agreed that the most important thing is to allow bailiffs to share best practice and understand how colleagues on other systems work..

Two senior scientists from the SEPA ecology team gave presentations on the monitoring of fish communities in both fresh water and river estuary environments with regards to the water framework directive and discussed the standards and benchmark figures used and how estuaries and freshwaters, particularly in the Loch Lomond catchment, faired.

At the end of the first day new bailiffs sat the IFM exam which is a mandatory requirement. A dinner followed in the evening where the Roger Barnes Memorial trophy is presented to the bailiff scoring the highest mark in the previous year’s exam.

The second day was field based with forty bailiffs split across two buses and hosted by LLAIA bailiffs. These left for pre-arranged destinations, with the River Leven and Loch Lomond being visited. Certain “incidents” were played out at each location and after returning to the hotel at lunchtime debate took part about the different illegal scenarios. The weather was rather inclement but anglers that were on the Leven that day must have wondered what was happening when twenty bailiffs charged off a bus……followed a few hours later another twenty!

The conference was a great success and we have already had some very positive comments about the LLAIA and its varied catchment.

Poaching issues happen across Scotland so sharing best practice and networking through events like this with other bailiffs can only help preserve our fish stocks.



LLAIA Committee.




Loch Lomond NPA – New Camping Bye Laws.

March 1st, 2017

The Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Authority today announced new camping bye laws which will be in force from 1 March to 30 September, annually. While these regulations cover extensive areas of the National Park including the east and west shores of Loch Lomond, they do not extend to the islands.

For full information see: National Park Press Release.

The NPA have issued a separate leaflet of guidance for anglers: Angling in the Park 2017



LLAIA Committee


Membership Joining Fees Waived

February 24th, 2017


If you’re considering joining or re-joining the LLAIA now’s the time to do it. As an incentive, the committee has decided to waive the £25 joining fee between 1 March and 30 April inclusive. Anyone wishing to take up this offer can download an application form from this site, see LLAIA Membership on our Home Page.

Forward the form, fee and two passport sized photographs to:

The Treasurer, LLAIA, Woodside Place, Glasgow, G3 7QF.

The full ticket fee of £210 represents excellent value and there are no plans at present for any increases.


LLAIA Committee.

Annual General Meeting – Update.

February 16th, 2017

The  AGM of the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association was held on 15 February 2017 at Partick Burgh Hall, Glasgow with 130 members in attendance.

The interim chairman, secretary and treasurer delivered reports on behalf of the committee covering the  period 15 December 2016 to 15 February 2017. This was a busy time with end of season business merging into the planning and administration of the next. It had demanded a lot of effort, but the transition had gone relatively smoothly and problem free. The Interim Committee were thanked for their support and work.

All interim offices and committee positions were declared vacant and the following office bearers and committee members elected.


Chairman:  Jim Raeburn

Vice Chairman:  Robert Wilson

Secretary:  Gareth Bourhill

Treasurer:  Scott Sinclair

Committee Members.

Robert Mair

Thomas McBride

Gerd Elsweiler

Euan McGrandle

David McClymont

John Bell

Alan Armstrong


The Chairman addressed members on the impact of LLAIA Catch Returns on our future Conservation Categorisation. Although Marine Scotland have indicated that future grading will involve scientific data, catch returns will continue to play a major part in the process. It is therefor imperative that all members submit returns as soon as the season ends to ensure transmission to Marine Scotland by 31 December annually.

The subject was debated and member’s suggestions noted. The committee would list addressing this matter highly on their priorities.

Members were thanked for their attendance and the meeting closed.

Details of representatives from the Vale of Leven District Angling Club, River Leven and Coarse angling clubs will be announced when finalised.

The first meeting of the new committee will take place on 23 February 2017.

If you have any questions, suggestions or queries please contact the committee using the Contacts tab  on our homepage. Thinking of joining? See LLAIA Membership.



LLAIA Committee.

Wild Fisheries Reform – Update

February 3rd, 2017

The Scottish Government today issued the following press release..

Anglers in Scotland will be shielded from increased costs. Proposals to introduce rod licences and a new wild fisheries levy will not be taken forward, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has announced.

The Scottish Government has ruled out these measures as well as the criminalisation of freshwater fishing without written permission and proposals to overhaul the structure and remit of District Salmon Fishery Boards, following a consultation on draft provisions for a Wild Fisheries (Scotland) Bill and draft Wild Fisheries Strategy.

The Scottish Government will  enable work streams  which encourage, empower and support the modernisation of fishery management, including the piloting of voluntary Board mergers to identify any existing legislative issues, and will also develop a fishery management plan to trial any changes with Boards. It will also explore potential freshwater conservation provisions ahead of the introduction of a Bill to Parliament.

Ms Cunningham said:

The Scottish Government is committed to supporting our famous and valuable wild fisheries, to modernise our fishery management structures and to establish a more secure and sustainable future for this vital sector.

“Our Wild Fisheries Bill will build on our significant conservation achievements to date, including the annual salmon conservation measures, Spring Conservation Orders, and the moratorium on coastal mixed stock fishery netting for three years.

“However it’s important that we represent the interests of our anglers, that’s why we have listened to the sector’s concerns around increasing costs and restricting access to fisheries and are ruling out the introduction of rod licences and a freshwater levy.

“We’ve heard through the consultation that these steps would limit the opportunities for our anglers and potentially discourage young people from taking part.  Further, outwith the Bill, we will therefore work with the angling community to identify ways to increase participation and to improve engagement across the sector.

 “I am grateful for the considerable time and energy that the wild fisheries sector has given to date to help inform the programme of reform. We will continue to work closely with our key stakeholders to make sure the legislation that is ultimately brought forward is robust and fit for purpose, so that   anglers  have confidence in the management and development of the fisheries that they depend on.”


The analysis of the consultation is available to view at: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/marine/Salmon-Trout-Coarse/fishreform



LLAIA Interim Committee.




Annual General Meeting – 2017

February 1st, 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association will be held on Wednesday 15th February 2017 at Partick Burgh Hall, 3-9 Burgh Hall Street, Partick, Glasgow G11 5LN. Doors open at 7.00pm and business will commence at 7.30pm prompt.

A new committee and office bearers will be elected at this meeting.

The Interim Report, Agenda and Admission Tickets have now been posted out to members.  Only full members may attend the meeting. New members will be admitted on production of their membership cards. Full membership renewal fees will be accepted on the evening.



LLAIA Interim Committee